The role of cement in the
2050 Low Carbon Economy

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  • Getting the Numbers Right: In August 2014, the Cement Sustainability Initiative (CSI) published 2012 energy efficiency and CO2 emissions data for the cement industry.  With over 930 cement plants participating, the report is a significant study on how the cement industry achieves energy efficiency and reductions in carbon emissions in 11 different geographical regions. For the first time the report includes information from version 3 of the CSI’s “CO2 and Energy Protocol: CO2 and Energy Accounting and Reporting Standard for the Cement Industry” which was published in 2011. The 2012 results show the continuing decline in specific CO2 emissions from the cement industry, which are now 18% below 1990 levels. The reduction has been achieved by investment in more efficient kiln systems, using more alternative fuels and improving clinker so that its proportion in the final product can be reduced. More information