The role of cement in the
2050 Low Carbon Economy

Latest developments

Overview of latest news & developments


  • Low Emissions Intensity Lime & Cement (Leilac). This ground-breaking project to demonstrate an innovative carbon capture technology for the cement and lime sector, has completed the Preliminary Front End Engineering Design (pre-FEED) study for the pilot plant successfully and on time.  The project will now enter the full FEED phase.  More information
  • International CCS Conference. Presentations given on 20-21 May in Langesund, Norway, now available. More information
  • Carbon Capture in the cement industry. ECRA holds first chair event at the University of Mons. More information
  • Capturing the cement carbon capture market. Article by Global Cement (12 November 2014) providing an overview of various carbon capture projects in the cement industry from across the globe. More information.
  • Deployment of CCS in the cement industry.  Report by IEAGHG which reviews current practices for improving energy efficiency, the current state of development of potential CCS technologies in the cement industry,as well as policy and government initiatves (December 2013).  More information


Useful links

  • European Cement Research Academy (ECRA). ECRA’s goal is to examine the technical and economical feasibility of this technology as a potential application in the cement industry. ECRA lays strong emphasis on the global perspective of its research and also its sustainability aspect. This implies that not only CO2 emissions as such, but also the huge energy demand for operating CCS plants will be taken into account. ECRA’s CCS project is a long-term research project which started in 2007 and comprises five phases. Phases I, II and III have been completed and phase IV is currently underway. More information