Cooperation & Concrete Solutions

Engaging for concrete solutions

Cooperation holds the key to a carbon neutral built environment

Concrete: the cornerstone of infrastructure

Concrete is crucial to building Europe’s carbon neutral future. Be it the foundations and towers of wind turbines, large hydro or tidal power projects, energy efficient buildings, new transport infrastructure or projects aiming at adapting to climate change, concrete delivers performance, resilience, and durability.

However, this does not mean we will rest on the laurels of previous achievements or the unique qualities of concrete. We know that to achieve a carbon neutral built environment, we can do more along the value chain.

Going down the whole built environment value chain

It is necessary to consider how cement and concrete solutions can effectively contribute to a carbon neutral Europe; how we can change the way we build; how technological low carbon innovations can be adopted across the construction value chain, and how we can improve concrete re-use and recycling.

Europe’s industry, including the construction sector, should be carbon neutral, circular, and yet remain competitive. This is not an easy task, especially in a globalised world. This is why we want to look beyond our factory gates, focusing on how a material-neutral and lifecycle performance-based approach that considers the whole value chain can yield tangible results.

Building Carbon Neutrality in Europe