The 5C approach: Call for a Concerted Effort

The 5C Approach

Exploring concrete
solutions for a carbon neutral future

The European cement industry shares the vision of a carbon neutral construction sector in Europe. However, there are no silver bullets or a single solution available at this time. This is why a concerted effort is needed: from architects to specifiers, from regulators to standards agencies, from material manufacturers to builders and users. All actors working together in the value chain can build a carbon neutral future!

To this end, we want to launch and engage in a constructive debate along the key elements of our value chain. We call this framework – the 5C approach: clinker, cement, concrete, construction & built environment, and (re)carbonation.

Such a combination of actors and value chain elements will help turn a low carbon vision into reality. Our aim is to go beyond our direct emissions and explore a variety of solutions for a carbon neutral future.

The Power of Policy

European policy will play a central role in overcoming hurdles and creating a low carbon, circular, and competitive European construction sector. Progressive policies will be needed to ensure that low carbon cement production and the use of low carbon innovation are viable. It will require a policy framework and normative framework that:

  • Secures a level playing field with other regions and across industrial sectors;
  • Is material neutral and based on lifecycle performance;
  • Integrates both the supply and
    demand sides;
  • Supports the development of breakthrough technologies and solutions, including through large-scale demonstrators.


What is the 5c Approach?